The Full Works

The Grooming Room - Full Works Package

 The full works allows you to treat your best friend to the head to paw pampering they deserve.


What’s included?

  • Visual health check by a dog care professional  
  • Pre Bath Coat Preparation
  • Relaxing Bath 
  • Blow Dry 
  • Clipped, Trimmed, Styled and Shaped to individual breed standard
  • Hygiene areas trimmed, anal glands checked and expressed if necessary 
  • Feet & Pads Trimmed 
  • Nails Clipped 
  • Ear cleaning & Plucking if necessary 
  • Fragrance Spray and final inspection to finish

All our shampoos and conditioners are all created specifically for dogs. They are suitable for sensitive skin and are kind to eyes so we can thoroughly clean your dog including their face. Our dryers are also specifically designed for drying dogs, as they are both high velocity and high performance; they lift any loose undercoat and dry skin as they dry your dog’s coat. This together with the expertise of our grooming staff leaves your dog and their skin feeling revitalised. 


Prices starting from £20.00 to £65.00 depending on Breed

Price examples:   

  • Yorkshire terrier £22.00 - £25.00
  • Shih Tzu £27.00
  • Lhasa Apso £27.00
  • Springer Spaniel £30.00
  • Tibetan Terrier £35.00
  • Cockerpoo £30.00 - £35.00
  • Standard Poodle £65.00


We also groom all crossbreeds prices ranging from £20.00 - £50.00 depending on size and coat texture, for a more comprehensive price list please feel free to contact us. 


Please Note: The odd knot and tangle isn’t a problem but if the coat is matted your dog may require de-matting or clipping. Additional charges will apply if the dog has fleas, or if the dog is aggressive and/or hard to handle. Aggressive dogs may need to be muzzled for our staff and the dog’s safety. If we feel a demat would cause your pet un-due excessive stress we would recommend the coat be clipped. However we will always seek permission to do so, and we would never clip a dog without the owner’s permission.