Puppy's First Groom

The Grooming Room - Puppy Grooming Package

Grooming isn't just about making your puppy look good. Regular care removes dead hair, keeps the coat and skin healthy, and gives you the opportunity to have your pup's general health checked by a pet care proffesional. It's also an important time to build your puppys relationship with its groomer. Starting early means dogs get used to being handled and this also makes any future visits to the groomers or veterinary examinations much less stressfull. 

Puppy's First Groom Package Details

Our Puppy's First Groom grooming package is for dogs under the age of six months. We recommend you bring your puppy in for there first visit around 12 weeks of age.

Your puppy will receive:

  • Pre Groom Coat Preperation
  • Full Bathing including Shampooing and Conditioning
  • Anal glands cleaned (if necessary)
  • Complete Blow Dry and Brush Through
  • Paw Inspection and Feet Trim
  • Eye Clean and Facial Hair Trim (if necessary)
  • Scented Finishing Spray
  • Nail Clipping if required
  • Free Treat at the end of the process to reward your puppy

All our packages include ear and teeth checks for free.


From as little as £15.00-£25.00 depending on Breed and/or size.