Doggie Pedicure

The Grooming Room - Doggie Pedicure

The importance of keeping your dogs nails short is for the comfort of your dog. LOng nails can be prone to spilt and can be caught and snapped causing your pet unnecessary pain. All dogs nails grow at a different rate just like ours some may need to cut more often than others but we recommend at least having them checked every 8 can pop in anytime at The Grooming Room no appointment is needed.

The Grooming Room offer the following nail and pad care services:

  • Basic nail clipping: £6.00 no appointment needed,just pop into the salon.
  • Full works: £7.50 includes Pad's trimmed, nail's clipped and filed. Appointment needed.
  • We also offer nail painting to those who like to make a statement ask for more details.